Q: What does it mean that the Purple Room is a “supper club”?

A:  During the 1940s, 50s, and 60s, the supper club was a swanky spot for a night out in the major cities and resort areas throughout the US!   An intimate, sophisticated setting, fabulous cocktails, delicious food, and fantastic live entertainment all in one cozy, exclusive establishment. In the early 1960s, The Purple Room was the in-spot for the Rat Pack when playing in Palm Springs.  Frank, Dean, Sammy, Joey, Peter Lawford and their pals cavorted on and off the stage of our intimate club, nestled inconspicuously in the Club Trinidad Hotel. 

Michael Holmes, owner of The Purple Room, has reached back to that elegant era to re-imagine a chic, sophisticated and intimate room for delicious drinking, fine dining and superb entertainment, all provided with impeccable service and attention to detail.     


Q: What is the Purple Room like inside?

 A: The Purple Room is an intimate room, where you will be seated as close 6 inches from the stage to no more than 45 feet away!  Our capacity is limited to 130 guests. How exciting to see fabulous entertainment so up close and personal!   Because our room is over 60 years old, and we have strived to keep its historic character, there are a few narrow support beams and obstructed views here and there.  Don’t be discouraged:  when a show begins, our guests comfortably move their seats around to get a good view! The Purple Room is an air conditioned venue so if you get chilly easily, please bring a sweater or jacket. 

While The Purple Room is indeed one room, we have four areas, each with a different character:

Main Dining Area:  Located between our stage and bar, we have room for 60 to 85 guests (depending on how the room is set).  We reserve this premium area for our guests who will be enjoying dinner.   Word has it that Frank proposed to Barbara during a romantic late-night dinner right here!  You’re part of history and right up front in the action!

Bar Area:  Presided over by our talented mixologists, our U-shaped bar in located about 25 feet from our stage, and allows guests to enjoy entertainers on the stage while savoring tasty cocktails, small bites, or a full dinner.  All seats at the bar are elevated bar stools.   A great place to hang back with some friends, come in alone for a quiet one, or to meet some fascinating characters.


Dean Martin Alcove:  This cozy alcove, which can seat up to 10, is tucked next to the bar, and was a favorite hideaway for Dean back in the day.  Perfect to reserve for a special event, the Alcove provides a good view of the stage, as well as a video monitor, and is set with regular tables and seats.  When you want to be a little exclusive.

Lounge:  Behind the bar, and furthest away the stage, our Lounge consists of 5 hightop tables, with bar stools, and 3 intimate booths.  Some views of the stage are obstructed, but your only 45 feet away, and two monitors make sure you see the action on stage.  We’re a little quieter and cozier back here.  Also, a great space to have a semi-private party for 15 to 35 of your friends.

No matter where you sit, our sound envelopes you!  Compared favorably to the best intimate nightclubs and venues in New York City, The Purple Room has a state-of-the-art sound system designed specifically for the our live vocal and instrumental music!  Each section of the room is separately controlled to make sure you will enjoy the music.  Our room can accommodate an intimate lounge soloist or a raucous rocking band.  That’s the fun:  each night is different but you can be sure that our entertainment is simply the best!    


Q: Sounds great but I’m a little confused about what’s offered at The Purple Room on different nights.  What are my options?

 A: We open to the public at 4:00 pm on Monday through Sunday, September to July.  We are available for private functions on Mondays.

There are three ways to enjoy our lovely room:

Happy Hour:        

 On Monday through Saturday, we host Happy Hour at our Bar and Lounge area from 4:00pm to 6:00pm.  During Happy Hour, we have special prices on our small bites, wines and cocktails.  Sometimes during Happy Hour, we will have some light background music – a piano player, for instance.  Not always. On Monday and Tuesday, we offer Happy Hour all night long at the bar.

Delicious Dinner with Free Entertainment from 6:30 to 9:30 on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays:

During the week, our dining room is open for dinner from 4:00pm until 9:30pm, with a full dinner menu and a small plates menu.  Starting at 6:30pm, wonderful musicians play jazz and the standards for your listening pleasure – at no charge!  You’ll find the listing for our performers on this website.  Come in, enjoy a cocktail, wine, our delicious cuisine, and live acoustic jazz musicians playing the standards.  Depending on the vibe, we clear a few tables from the front of the room and our guests can enjoy intimate dancing.   Cocktails, dinner, live music and dancing:  what could be a better way to spend a Palm Springs evening?   Reservations for weekday dinner can be made on this website, through Open Table, or by calling us at 760-322-4422.

Ticketed Weekend Shows on Friday, Saturday and Sunday Evenings:

Every Friday and Saturday, The Purple Room presents dinner followed by ticketed shows by some of the best entertainers in the country!  Legends like Tommy Tune, Carole Cook, Marilyn Maye, Diane Schurr, Shirley Jones and Patrick Cassidy as well as a number of nationally known entertainers like Bobbie Eakes, Iris Williams, Matt Alber, Levi Kreis, Kim Kuzma and more. There’s also room for comedy with outrageously funny performers like Jason Stuart, Dina Martina, The Kinsey Sicks, Jackie Beat and Coco Peru!   Only the best performers in an intimate setting!

When you purchase a ticket for our shows, which begin at 8:00, we automatically reserve your seat at 6:00.  We reserve our Main Dining Area and Dean Martin Alcove for guests to enjoy full dinner service before the show.  If you want to enjoy just drinks and small bites before the show, we ask that you purchase tickets in our Bar or Lounge area.   We ask that our guests dine before the shows in order to create the best experience for our guests. We do not serve during the shows.   By the way, you will watch the show from the same seat where you had dinner:  settle in early and enjoy as you won’t need to relocate.


Our ticketed shows are listed and tickets may be purchased from this website.  Tickets are purchased by zone.  Some, but not all, shows have different prices for different zones.  If website ticket sales have closed, call us to see if there are any cancellations or other availability.

Every Sunday night, The Purple Room proudly presents owner Michael Holmes in THE JUDY SHOW!   An outrageously funny parody of the 1963 CBS television show, The Judy Garland Show, our show features Michael singing and laughing as Judy Garland and her guests, Carol Channing, Bette Davis, Pearl Bailey, Katherine Hepburn, Tallulah Bankhead and others!   This is live music – piano and singing – with different numbers every week.   This is a fabulous show which quickly sells out so make your reservations early! 


THE JUDY SHOW begins at 7:00, and when you purchase a ticket, we automatically reserve your seat at 5:00.  We reserve our Main Dining Area and Dean Martin Alcove for guests to enjoy full dinner service before the show.  If you want to enjoy just drinks and small bites before the show, we ask that you purchase tickets in our Bar or Lounge area.   We ask that you dine before the shows in order to create the best experience for our guests. We do not serve during the shows. 


After The Judy Show, have your picture taken with Judy!  Our in-house photographer will be happy to take pictures of you and your friends with Judy.  The pictures will be posted within a day or two on The Purple Room and The Judy Show facebook pages.


Q: Can I pick a specific table or bar seat?

A:  Because we are an intimate room, we have to reserve the ability to shift seats and tables around to meet the needs of our guests.  Our policy is that our tables and seats are assigned on pretty much a first-come, first-served basis.  If you really, really, really want to be in the best seats for a certain ticketed show, buy your tickets early.  To be fair to our guests and entertainers, we cannot reserve ticketed show seats without a ticket purchase.   Ticket sales are non-refundable.  On a rare occasion, a guest might purchase a ticket in a zone that has already sold out.  If this happens, we will endeavor to locate you in another zone and to contact you.  If you’re not satisfied with the move, we will refund your ticket price.  


We sell tickets by zones, so you’ll know the area you’ll be sitting in when you purchase your tickets.   If are uncomfortable sitting in bar stools, you should avoid the Bar and Lounge.  [We are pleased to accommodate guests in wheelchairs and walkers, and appreciate advance notice to make those guests more comfortable].

If you are having a special event — a birthday, anniversary, wedding proposal – please let us know and we will endeavor to make your evening even more special.


Q: The show I want to see will be community seating.  What does that mean?

A: The Purple Room offers community seating for highly popular events where we know we will have a sell-out.  We’ve been pleased to find that our guests love the evenings, which make it possible for us to bring in the fabulous big name entertainers who you might only otherwise see in 300 to 500 seat auditoriums.  Community seating, sometimes called “Las Vegas seating” means that we will have tables of 6 to 12 guests.  If you are a party of 2, for example, you will be seated with other guests at the same table.  We always label those events on the website, and provide a floor map that shows the general layout.  If you have a big group, 6 to 12, buy tickets quickly and you’ll get a table of your own!   Some people don’t want to share a table:  they should avoid these shows.  We’ve found that we’re fortunate to have friendly music-loving guests who, sipping a cocktail and enjoying a tasty meal, make new friends among their like-minded table mates.   Part of the magic of The Purple Room!


Q: Is there a dress code?

A:  We don’t have a dress code, and most of our guests feel most comfortable in desert classic or desert chic.  

Q: What else should I know about coming to The Purple Room?

A: The Purple Room, owner Michael Holmes, and our staff take great pride in providing each guest with wonderful dining and entertainment.  In an intimate room like The Purple Room, each guest is an integral part of our collective experience.  That means the energy, fun, and enjoyment you bring and share with other guests and our entertainers creates the magic that makes The Purple Room the place to play! 

To enhance the experience for everyone, we ask you to refrain from cellphone use in The Purple Room.  If you need to use your cell phone, you are welcome to use the lobby. 

During the week, our entertainment is background music but later in the evening, if the audience is in the mood, it may feel more like a show!  During ticketed shows, where our guests have paid to see and hear our entertainers, we ask our guests to use common sense and courtesy in refraining from conversations during the performances.  That way, we all get to enjoy a wonderful evening.  Just in case, we reserve the right to refuse service to anybody and to ask disruptive folks to leave.  That ensures that you, our valued guests, will enjoy The Purple Room.


Q: Can I book part or all of The Purple Room for a special event?  Can The Purple Room cater an event for me?

 A:  Yes.  The Purple Room is available for private events on Monday evenings and after 10:30 pm on weekends.  We will endeavor to accommodate requests for a special group reservations or smaller events during our regular business hours. 


And, starting this season, you can bring our lovely libations, delicious cuisine, superb service and an array of entertainment talent to your home or other location as we are fully licensed to cater for you.  We can also provide lighting and sound for you.  We have some set catering options, or we can customize to make it just what you want.   Call us at 760-322-4422 or send an email to


Q: What if I think of another question about The Purple Room?

 A: Give us a call at 760-322-4422 or send us an email at, and we’ll do our best to answer your questions as quickly as possible.   In the event our staff cannot answer your questions or concerns, owner Michael Holmes will be happy to speak with you.  He’s almost always around and accessible to our guests most nights to help you with your concerns.  Except when he’s Judy.  Be forewarned.